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Issue 1 2009



City challenges

30 March 2009 | By Jack Short, Secretary General of the International Transport Forum

Today, almost three quarters of the world's population resides in cities - and this share is increasing. By 2025, it is estimated that there will be 135 cities worldwide with more than four million people. Cities that provide high quality access and efficient, environmentally and socially sustainable mobility are likely…


Listening to passengers to focus on safety improvements

30 March 2009 | By Herbert König, Chairman of the Board, MVG and Günter Pedall, Head of Metro, MVG

A high level of objective and subjective safety builds an essential portion of the attractiveness of public transportation. For this reason, the Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft (MVG) has established a safety concept with two goals: its passengers should a) be safe and should b) feel safe. Whereas the objective state of safety…


VGF: the backbone of public transport in Frankfurt am Main

30 March 2009 | By Michael Budig, Managing Director, VGF and Bernd Conrads, Head of Corporate Communications, VGF

Frankfurt is constantly in motion - a metropolis of 667,000 inhabitants, with approximately 588,000 people travelling to their place of work in the city and travelling home again in the evening. Each working day, approximately 305,000 people commute into and out of Frankfurt - thus making it Germany's fifth largest…


U3 success helps automatisation for the second time around

30 March 2009 | By Dr. Rainer Müller, Managing Director, VAG

Immediately after the commissioning of the new fully-automatic U3 metro line, VAG Verkehrs-Aktiengesellschaft Nürnberg and Siemens AG, the general contractor, started to automate the existing Nürnberg U2 metro line (Röthenbach - Nuremberg Airport) in the summer of 2008. As with the automatisation of the new U3 metro line, which started…


CDGVAL – providing answers for quick and reliable transportation

30 March 2009 | By René Brun, Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport Managing Director

Eight terminals have been built successively over the last 30 years at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport, making it one of the most extensive platforms in Europe. CDGVAL is a key part of the development of this vast complex, providing an answer to the need for quick and reliable transport between…


Ten years with InformNorden – IT cooperation in the Nordic countries

30 March 2009 | By Mogens Buch-Larsen, Chairman, InformNorden and Anders Kåbjörn, Secretary General, InformNorden

The breakthrough of the internet, the mobile phone and the GPS technology during the late 1990s made it possible for the public transport sector to develop new advanced information technology services. In order to coordinate this development in the Nordic countries, the public transport authorities in the four Nordic capitals…


Transportation costs and the impact on the environment

30 March 2009 | By Catt Hobbs, Public Transport Campaigner, Campaign for Better Transport

The cost of taking public transport keeps rising while the costs of driving and flying keep falling. A new approach is needed if we're going to encourage people to make low carbon choices. Government departments are gearing up for the challenge of tackling climate change. The Department for Transport is…


A new initiative for Flexible Transport Services: the FLIPPER project

30 March 2009 | By John Nelson, Professor of Transport Studies and Director of Centre for Transport Research (CTR) and Brian Masson, Project Manager Centre for Transport Research (CTR), University of Aberdeen, UK

Throughout Europe, the challenge of providing an effective integrated public transport system is seen as an essential prerequisite to reducing pollution and congestion whilst encouraging sustainable economic growth especially in urban and metropolitan areas. What we often refer to as ‘conventional public transport' (fixed time and route) is ideal for…


Concentrating on the performance of ticketing

30 March 2009 | By Craig Waters, Commissioning Editor, Intelligent Transport

In today's transportation marketplace, operators are working hard to develop their infrastructure to provide passengers with seamless travel options. Passengers travelling in many European cities can benefit from different transport modes with efficient and effective exchanges between them. A major factor in the success of seamless travel experiences is the…