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Reetta Putkonen

Director of Traffic and Street Planning, City of Helsinki

Reetta Putkonen leads The Traffic and Street Planning Service in The Urban Environment Division. The transportation planning in the City of Helsinki based on the land use. We have a strong tradition and co-operation between architects and engineers. Planning the traffic starts with the clear strategy and goals including all modes and technologies. Traffic is not the absolute value in the city, but people are. However, traffic is important for cities and all modes are vital. The focus should be how effectively we can use our transportation system in the growing city. Helsinki wants to be a pioneer in overall functional smart traffic systems. The city encourages a transition into a demand-driven traffic system and data driven mobility behaviour. Helsinki serves as a testing platform in the commercialization of new smart mobility solutions. Putkonen has been working for the City of Helsinki since 2015. Before that she led the transportation planning division of the global consultant company called WSP.

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