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Xavier Sanyer

Head of Mobility Service, ATM Barcelona

Xavier Sanyer is a Civil Engineer who completed his studies at the Technical University of Catalonia (Barcelona).
He is member of the Spanish Civil Engineers Association. He worked as an Urban Mobility Professor of the Intensification Program in Urbanism Project Management at the Architect Association of Catalonia. He began his labour career at the company IDOM as an urban mobility planner as well as a transport modeller and traffic engineer.
He was responsible for the transport team at the Barcelona office and he leads national and international projects. Among the main projects at a national level, we could highlight his leadership at the Urban Design Guidelines for the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB), the public transport model of the Metropolitan Region of Barcelona. He was responsible for the technical assistance for the quality monitoring of the Catalonian Government train service (commuter and regional trains) in Barcelona.
His labour experience had enabled him to work in a vast quantity of countries such as Saudi Arabia (Urban Design of the Abbi Bakar As-Sidiqqe Road and Mobility and Traffic Studies related to the new metro line –Line 3-), Egypt (Supporting the Ministry of Transports), Laos (Mobility Plan for the Historic Downtown in Vientaine), Ecuador (Bus network reorganization and tramway viability studies) and Brazil (Mobility Plans in many cities)…
He speaks four languages: English, French, Spanish and Catalan.
He has been awarded by the Technical University of Madrid and by the Municipal Transport Company for a public transport accessibility improvement plan.
Currently, he is the Head of Mobility Management in the Metropolitan Transport Authority of Barcelona

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