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Sebastian Ropers

Director Business Development, ASE AG

Sebastian Ropers is the Business Development Director of ASE AG Pedestrian Analytics. Early on in his career, he witnessed first-hand the surge in passenger volumes of Dutch transport hubs in the mid 00`s and the resulting capacity problems. He realised the financial and political cost of pedestrian congestion.

Ever since then, it has been his mission to improve the efficiency of transport hubs. From experience he has learned that the key to investment decision-making is the quality and transparency of data. That’s why he is dedicated to helping decision makers understand the functionality of pedestrian spaces within transport systems.

Born in Freiburg im Breisgau (D), Sebastian spent his adolescence in Nijmegen and studied for his Masters at the renowned Technical University Eindhoven. Originally a building engineer, he has held previous roles as an Amsterdam-based Real Estate Development Entrepreneur and a Station Developer for Nederlandse Spoorwegen. Before joining ASE he was the Program Director for Rail Investment in the Basel area for SBB.

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