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Michal Cieslik

Head of Department Security and Service, Wiener Linien


Michal is 38 yrs old. In April 2017, Cieslik took over the function of Chief Security Officer and Head of Department Security and Service at Wiener Linien in Vienna. The department consists of three elements covering the fields of strategic security, physical security and ticket inspection, with 300 employees in total.

Before taking over current position at Wiener Linien, Cieslik served with the Austrian Ministry of Defence and looks back at 15 yrs. of experience as commissioned officer of the Austrian Armed Forces.

During these years, Cieslik specialized as CBRN-Defence Officer, led company-sized CBRN-Defence units, and participated in various training mission including chemical live agent training.

In the last five years of his duty, Cieslik changed position within the Ministry of Defence and served within the G2/J2-branch on operational and strategic level.

In both positions and branches, Cieslik participated in various training deployments and multiple international assignments and missions abroad.

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