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California Case Study: Multimodal travel and integrated payments: working together for a seamless journey

Date: 6 November 2019
Time: 10:15

  • The challenges and options for integrating travel planning & payments across multiple modes
  • Including the first mile and last mile in the seamless ticketed journey: how do we integrate all the services in a one stop shop approach?
  • The need for public transit operators (PTOs) and to work together with regions, government sponsors and private providers to produce well investigated business models and carefully designed standards capable of working on all platforms
  • How can an App work across services and modes? What about Maas?
  • Fundamental steps – a look at network design and what is available to customers before you design the offering (make sure it is feasible)
  • The impacts and opportunities of micro-mobility: e-bike, bike share, scooters, etc
  • Fare policy and fare capping
  • Passenger experience


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