Session Details

Interactive networking roundtables

Date: 5 November 2019
Time: 16:20

Table 1 logoTable 1 – Workforce

How can we rebrand the transport industry to be more appealing to people?

What assurances in training and development can be offered to keep existing talent?


Table 2 – New mobilityTable 2 logo

What should the approach to new services be like from:

  • Authorities
  • Operators
  • Cities

Which of the ‘new modes’ of mobility (e.g. scooter/bike-share/ride-share) have the most long-term promise?

Is future success of these services reliant on PT, or vice versa?


Table 3 logoTable 3 – Connected devices

Why should urban areas embrace the ‘always-on’ economy?

What type of connected devices are most important to urban transport?

  • On a passenger level, is it smartphones?
  • From an operational perspective, is it sensors, ITS tech/traffic management etc?


Table 4 – Urban planningTable 4 logo

What support do operators/authorities need from cities, and vice versa?

How do authorities and cities claim back space that’s dedicated to cars?


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