Reshaping the way we plan and move: Making urban mobility more accessible and sustainable, together

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10 September 2020

Supported by:

10 September 2020

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Reshaping the way we move is now more important than ever. Public transport is the backbone of urban mobility. We need to build on the momentum of change and innovation – not only to recover from the pandemic, but to take big steps towards more accessible and sustainable mobility in cities.

HERE invited speakers from Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) and VMZ to discuss current challenges from a public transport operator’s and city planner’s perspective, and how location technology can play a vital role in shaping future-proof transport services.

This webinar addressed:

  • How public transport operators and cities can be at the forefront in shaping new transport services
  • How location data and location technology enables more contextual mobility experiences and delivers insights for better city planning
  • How SBB delivers truly connected and personalised mobility throughout Switzerland with its new SmartWay platform and why a new approach to (intermodal) routing is needed
  • How VMZ tackles road infrastructure challenges in a number of cities and brings mobility providers together, breaking down the silos of various mobility operators
  • Listen to our expert speakers unique public transport and city knowledge


Luisa Wahlig, Sr Industry Solutions Manager at HERE Technologies

Luisa WahligLuisa Wahlig holds an MSc. in International Management in Vienna, London & Berlin. After 7 years of Strategy Consulting in Automotive & Mobility at Roland Berger she started her career in Location Technology. Today she is part of the Strategic Business Development team at HERE Technologies. Luisa is passionate about the future of mobility and would describe herself as an mobility enthusiast & networker.


Remco Timmer, Director Product Management at HERE Technologies 

Remco TimmerRemco is Director of Product management at HERE and is responsible for the Urban mobility portfolio. Remco holds a Master of science from the Technical University in Delft. In his professional life he has a track record in design, venturing and product management in the Automotive, Telecommunications Healthcare and Mobility industry.


Jan Kätker, Managing Director at VMZ

Jan KaetkerDr. Jan Kätker is CEO of VMZ. Jan holds a degree in mathematics and a PhD in computational geometry and online algorithms. His focus is on the design and implementation of complex traffic management and information systems, as well as the design and implementation of algorithms for intermodal route planning.


Julian Renninger, Product Owner Routing (Swiss Smart Mobility) at SBB AG

Julian RenningerJulian is the Innovation and Development Manager at SBB, holding a Master in Economics from the University of Zurich. In his professional life Julian has started working at the University of Zurich during his studies and has then continued his journey in the world of Mobility working for SBB as the Product Owner for routing services.


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