Bolt launches first e-scooter charging docks in Europe

Posted: 21 October 2021 | | No comments yet

Launched in Tallinn, Estonia, Bolt’s e-scooter charging docks deliver more efficient overall usage of each unit and better operational sustainability.

Bolt charging dock Europe

Credit: Bolt

Bolt, the European e-scooter operator, has announced that it has launched the first e-scooter charging docks in Europe, adding to the list of solutions implemented by the company to reduce city congestion. The first docks were launched in Tallinn, Estonia, in a bid to continue Bolt’s efforts of reducing car usage and promoting responsible, safe and sustainable micro-mobility in cities throughout the world.

This premiere launch features a space where customers can dock a Bolt e-scooter and it starts charging. It differs from all other commercially available racks, where the scooter additionally has to be plugged in. After leaving the scooter in a charging dock, each user will receive a bonus that will be available, on the app, for the next ride taken with Bolt e-scooters.

Taking the e-scooter to a charging dock will greatly diminish the time needed to transport it for recharge, thus resulting in more efficient overall usage of each unit and better operational sustainability. By implementing this solution, Bolt also aims to promote better parking habits in cities and contributes further to the decongestion of urban spaces. Better parking habits will also protect pedestrians and other commuters from potential accidents.

Dmitri Pivovarov, Director of Rentals in Bolt, said: “The docks installed in Tallinn are just the beginning. We want to help other cities improve their infrastructure for charging light electric vehicles. That cannot be done with user-swappable batteries and charging kiosks that require riders to carry batteries around. Or with charging racks that have a lot of wires, are complicated to use and are an easy target for vandalism. Our docks are simple to use and greatly improve sustainability of operations by cutting the need to drive batteries around the city for a recharge.”

In order to stay true to its efficiency and frugality culture, Bolt has decided to place the first docks in areas where scooter demand is always high. This will improve availability, helping users to make the most of this new feature of their micro-mobility experience.

For this industry first, e-scooters have been fitted with the relevant equipment in order to make the charging docks available for usage, a move that will be done throughout the markets where Bolt docks are to be set in place. This process is effortless for Bolt, since all Bolt e-scooters are engineered and produced by the company in-house. Bolt scooter models are modular, highly repairable and extremely recyclable, with an estimated lifetime of up to 62 months.