Texas innovation consortium launched to create smart, connected region

Posted: 1 June 2020 |

The North Texas Innovation Alliance (NTXIA) is said to be the largest initiative of its kind in the United States, as it looks to address challenges such as traffic management, urban planning and cross-sector collaboration.

Texas innovation consortium launched to create smart, connected region

In a bid to create the most connected, smart, and resilient region in the U.S., a consortium called the North Texas Innovation Alliance (NTXIA) has been launched by a number of key cross-sector stakeholders. The Alliance aims to work collaboratively to solve pressing challenges to improve quality of life, expedite inclusive economic development, and increase resource efficiency through the use of data, technology and community.

NTXIA will convene frequently to focus on immediate challenges related to COVID-19, while looking ahead to establish core priorities, plans and deliverables that drive cross-jurisdictional solutions. One of the core tenets of NTXIA is said to be the formation of strategic advisory committees to tackle complex topics including data standards and privacy, cybersecurity, digital inclusion, financial models and procurement.

“Smart city collaboration is now moving beyond municipal boundaries, and more and more regions are working together in order to create seamless interchanges for their residents,” stated Jennifer Sanders, Cofounder, North Texas Innovation Alliance. “Everyone benefits from the North Texas region working collectively to create the most compelling and innovative solutions that support government, residents and businesses, and to provide the infrastructure that can attract more residents and organisations, and is prepared to respond together with agility in times of crisis.”

The NTXIA has also joined Mastercard’s City Possible network, a partnership and co-creation initiative that brings cities, companies and communities together to identify common challenges and co-develop solutions that advance inclusive and sustainable urban development. 

“Since its inception, City Possible was always designed to become a network of networks and we are already seeing that come to fruition in 2020,” commented Miguel Gamino, Executive Vice President, Enterprise Partnerships and Head of Global Cities. “By bringing their consortium of cities to the network, we will help the regions represented by NTXIA tap into the insights and resources of the global community and accelerate local collaboration to deploy solutions at scale.”

The NTXIA aims to enhance economic vitality and highlight a culture of innovation that supports municipalities, agencies, companies and academic institutions across North Texas. In addition to the consortium addressing both current and evolving challenges of efficiencies, sustainability, economic growth and quality of life, the NTXIA will also focus on regional standards, policies and models that will facilitate faster deployment and results. 

 Through the consortium, NTXIA will work to address and enhance elements serving the region including:  

  • Infrastructure and the effective management and stewardship of shared natural and human resources
  • A strategy for resilience in the face of extreme weather and other events, such as COVID-19 and related impacts
  • Effective and forward-looking land use policies, urban design and zoning
  • Ensuring a strong talent pipeline throughout the lifecycle to prepare the workforce for future career skills and opportunity
  • Accessible and efficient transit solutions and traffic management.