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Transport & City Analytics is our business. Planners, installation owners and operation managers usually contact us regarding the following topics:

  • Transport & City Development Tools: Do we really need to expand the existing transport system or traffic node? And if so, do our plans work? Could we design a smarter solution?
  • Pedestrian Analytics & Prediction: How to monitor and analyse a capacity problem in pedestrian spaces (stations, terminals, shopping streets etc.). When is the tipping point from busy to overcrowded and how to optimise the situation
  • Pedestrian Operation: How can we still safely and functionally operate a heavily frequented pedestrian space? How to set-up real-time monitoring and alarming. When it becomes overcrowded, how to organise the intervention process with resident safety staff?

At ASE, we deliver proven solutions. Our customers such as SBB, NS Stations, the Municipality of Zürich, Amsterdam and Singapore, integrate our services in their planning, analysis, and operational processes. Meanwhile, our highly qualified IT and Engineering experts work on innovation in cooperation with the ETH Zürich and other resident Universities. That is how we ensure understanding our client`s ever changing perspectives, whilst doing what we love doing.