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Modern system for Zurich north urban centre

1 April 2005 | By Andreas Flury, Managing Director, Glattal Transport Services (VBG) and Georg von Graefe, Head of Marketing and Communications, Glattal Transport Services (VBG)

14th September 2004 was a historic day in the short but exciting story of the Glattalbahn Project – government member Rita Fuhrer of the Economic Affairs Directorate for Canton Zurich, moved the first stone for the construction of the new Glattalbahn. At her side, visibly proud and moved was Dr.…

Standards on the move

1 April 2005 | By Karl Heinz Rosenbrock, Director General, ETSI

If the fridge really is going to talk to the mobile phone and the car really does need to have the latest television schedules fed to its central processors, then we traditional standards makers will have to adapt to the demands from various industry sectors for specifications and standards that…

Benchmarking of urban rail systems

1 April 2005 | By Knut Petersen, Managing Partner, BSL Management Consultants; Oliver Drümmer, Principal, BSL Management Consultants and Tilmann Colberg, Consultant, BSL Management Consultants

The powerful management tool of benchmarking helps uncover possibilities of optimisation for public transport companies by using the following criteria:

Helping to upgrade transport systems

1 April 2005 | By James Abbott Technical Editor

Many transport operators are buying in technical expertise – deregulation and privatisation are strengthening this trend. Consultancies are benefiting as a result. Consultancies have come a long way in the past few decades, changing as their customers have changed. Not so long ago, public transport systems in Europe were almost…