Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) & Traffic Management supplement 2015

Posted: 2 September 2015 |

Dominik Grögler, Head of Engineering at BERNMOBIL takes a look at big data in public transport, Simon Beasley, Transport Network Manager at Reading Borough Council explores the wider picture of open standards and Paul Kompfner, Head of City Programme at ERTICO – ITS Europe says that ITS can be an urban mobility dream. Plus we preview the 22nd ITS World Congress…

  • Public transport and ITS: the urban mobility dream team
    Urbanisation is a phenomenon that will consolidate in the coming decades. Today, around 75% of European Union inhabitants live in built-up areas and it is expected that by 2025 most of the world’s population will live in towns and cities. Human pressure increases not only the demand for land leading to an ever-growing footprint of urban settlement, but also the demand for transport infrastructure and mobility services. As Head of City Programme at ERTICO ITS Europe1 Paul Kompfner explains that at present, many cities are badly equipped to meet demands – so how can traffic be managed and mobility ensured in these human anthills?
  • (Big) data in public transport
    In the years to come, the demand of mobility will steadily increase. The growth of the population and the ease of access to various modes of transportation will lead to a highly mobile society. Dominik Grögler, Head of Engineering at BERNMOBIL, explores what data options are available for public transport operators to meet the future challenges of demand.
  • Understanding the wider picture of open standards
    Simon Beasley, Transport Network Manager at Reading Borough Council in the UK, explores a range of activities to facilitate the exchange and sharing of knowledge and experience on how to develop, implement and maintain open specifications and standards for ITS and traffic management.


Andy Gibbons, Head of Public Transport, Nottingham City Council

Nottingham has one of the most extensive real-time information systems in the UK, with full bus and tram network coverage and around 2,000 on-street displays.

Andy Gibbons, Head of Public Transport at Nottingham City Council will demonstrate the customer and operational benefits of such a comprehensive system at the Intelligent Transport conference being held in London on 31 October 2017…

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