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Posted: 5 January 2015 | Erik Baele, Henri Devreux, Anne Grünkorn, Laurent Cremer, Johan van Ieperen, John Verity

In our latest free-to-view Ticketing Supplement, representatives from Västtrafik, Kontiki, the OSPT Alliance, the UITP and ITSO Limited take a look at the progression of contactless payment technology in the public transport sector…

ticketing supplement 6 2014
  • MOBIB: the card of the future
    Speed, simplicity, flexibility and interoperability. When STIB – the Brussels Inter-municipal Transport Company – launched its ‘MOBIB’ smart travel card six years ago, it was making a firm decision to focus on the future of travel tickets. For Intelligent Transport, Erik Baele and Henri Devreux from the STIB, and both involved in organising the launch of the MOBIB card, explain that innovation in ticketing is still a priority for the transport provider, with the installation of the latest generation of MOBIB card validators.
  • Mobile ticketing and contactless payment in local public transport in Germany – Imminent reality or still a pipe dream?
    With increasing amounts of people now owning a smartphone, Deputy Chairperson of Kontiki e.V, Anne Grünkorn, highlights the trend of mobile devices being part of the daily lives of people using public transport, plus what m-ticketing and contactless technology is currently available to allow passengers to access new sales channels in order for them to efficiently and effectively purchase their public transport tickets.
  • Tickets please! The OSPT Alliance and the drive for open standards in transport ticketing
    The Open Standard for Public Transport™ (OSPT) Alliance1 is a global association working to advance transport ticketing from fragmented, national schemes to multi-modal, international and interoperable solutions, through the adoption of its CIPURSE™2 open standard. In this article, Laurent Cremer, Executive Director of the OSPT Alliance, talks about the association’s mission, explores its work globally to integrate open standards into existing ticketing infrastructures, and explains the long-term benefits this initiative will bring to the transport ecosystem. Looking closer to home, the article concludes with a focus on public transport authority Autoritat del Transport Metropolita (ATM) Barcelona, which discusses its support for open transport ticketing standards.
  • Smart Ticketing Alliance: Teaming up to break through interoperability barriers
    Two years after signing their Memorandum of Understanding, the five founder members of the Smart Ticketing Alliance (STA) formally launched the Alliance in Brussels in June 014 to a wider audience of transport operators and industry players. The transport smartcard operators from 10 countries came together at UITP’s head office to express their support for joining with the founders and putting the STA onto a formal legal footing. Johan van Ieperen, Manager of IT Solutions for Public Transport at the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) and John Verity, Chief Advisor at ITSO Limited and Chair of the Smart Ticketing Alliance, provide joint thoughts on how this move will lead the way towards a single transport specification for user media like NFC phones across Europe and cross-border acceptance facilitating the uptake of NFC devices.

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