Ticketing supplement 2014

Posted: 4 July 2014 | | No comments yet

In our latest free-to-view Ticketing supplement, articles come from Tobyn Hughes at Nexus with details about the new Pop card in the North East of the UK, an article about Barcelona’s new ‘T-Mobilitat’ ticketing system, plus a look at evolving AFC systems on smartphones…

Ticketing supplement 3 2014
  • Pop card’s bright future
    One of the largest scale implementations of an ITSO-compliant ticketing system is taking place in North East England. Nexus – the Passenger Transport Executive for Tyne and Wear – and part of the newly formed North East Combined Authority and the body which owns, manages and is modernising the Tyne and Wear Metro, is investing £25 million to fit the 34 year-old Metro system’s 60 stations with ITSO smart technology. Nexus is leading the way in the delivery of ITSO ticketing in the UK, implementing smart travel solutions to improve citizens’ access to public transport. Tobyn Hughes, Deputy Director General of Nexus, explains more…
  • Barcelona’s ‘T-Mobilitat’: a new ticketing system is almost here
    The Barcelona metropolitan area is poised to make a quantum leap in urban mobility, which will subsequently be rolled-out to the rest of Catalonia, explains Josep-Anton Grau, Director General of the Barcelona Metropolitan Transport Authority (MTA)…
  • Evolving AFC systems on smartphones
    The majority of automated fare collection (AFC) systems which have been introduced worldwide have implemented a CICO (check- in/check-out) system. Public transport users check-in and check-out at the beginning and end of their trip so that the system records the service which has been utilised. This  is independent of the type of fare product used. Even if the customer has opted for a flat pricing scheme, most AFC systems make a check-in and check-out procedure mandatory. In contrast to this development, most AFC systems in Germany have so far replaced paper-based tickets with smartcards, without introducing a CICO process. Matthias Wirtz, Senior Consultant and Philipp Wolf, Junior Consultant from rms GmbH explain more…

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