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Stuart Walker

Senior Product Manager, Arriva UK Bus

Stuart is the Senior Product Manager for Commercial Platforms at Arriva UK Bus. Originally qualifying as a Civil Engineer he first became involved in consumer technology at Orange in the mid 90’s with a career that has moved through Logica CMG to Motorola, digital design agencies and back to Motorola again and has been involved in the delivery of 3G & 4G, a number of high end mobile devices and supporting technologies. The Guardian, RightMove and MyRegus were delivered by teams lead by Stuart who has a real passion for ensuring that technology has a relevance for its users, exceeding their expectations in design, usability and personalisation. Now with Arriva UK Bus Stuart is responsible for the evolution and delivery of Arriva’s commercial platforms and ensuring that the technology not only meets the needs of Arriva as a business but also the expectations of customers to make public transport as easy to use as it should be and Arriva the Mobility Partner of Choice.

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