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Integration is the key

19 October 2016 | By Martin Russ, Managing Director, AustriaTech GmbH

What will future mobility systems look like? How can urban pubic transport stay reliable and comfortable? How will mobility behaviours change over the next 10 years? There will not be just one answer, but what we can say for sure is that we need a more integrated look at all…


Towards cooperative traffic management: An overview of the COOPERS project

19 April 2007 | By Martin Böhm and Alexander Frötscher, AustriaTech, Vienna, Austria. Mike McDonald and Jinan Piao, Transportation Research Group, Southampton University, Southampton, United Kingdom

COOPERS (Co-operative Systems for Intelligent Road Safety) is a 48-month Integrated Project (IP) co-funded by the European Commission (DG-Information Society and Media) in the 6th Framework Programme. 37 partners from 15 European countries are participating in COOPERS under the co-ordination of AustriaTech. The project started in February 2006 and is…