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Issue 3 2016



The symbiotic ecosystem of smart mobility and smart cities

2 August 2016 | By

The global megatrend of urbanisation has been a major driver for the ‘smart city’ phenomenon, together with the digitalisation that spreads to every corner of our society. In this urbanisation process, 2015 marked an important tipping point. Half of the global population now live in cities with figures rising by…


Letting innovation shape the future of our smart cities

2 August 2016 | By ,

The transport sector is currently experiencing a paradigm shift. Coinciding with transitions in the field of energy use, such as the deployment of electric modes of public transport, there are now smart and integrated transport systems and a behavioural change emphasising the sharing economy and active travel modes. These changes…


Transport devolution in the UK: a re-balancing of power

20 June 2016 | By Andrew Jones MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport, Department for Transport, UK

Cities matter to the UK. Cities and their wider economic areas account for an astonishing 74% of our population and 78% of our jobs. They act as engines of growth and in recent years have been crucial in boosting the UK economy. As a government it is vital for us…


How TfL uses ‘big data’ to plan transport services

20 June 2016 | By Lauren Sager Weinstein, Head of Analytics at Transport for London (TfL)

Lauren Sager Weinstein, Head of Analytics at Transport for London (TfL), has responsibility for the analysis of customer data, supporting operational and planning areas in delivery of services to TfL’s customers. London is a big growing city; more than 31 million journeys are made in the capital each day, 23%…


Urban Transport Group: The voice of UK urban transport

20 June 2016 | By Jon Lamonte, Chair, Urban Transport Group

The launch of the Urban Transport Group in early-2016 represented far more than a rebrand from its former name, pteg (the Passenger Transport Executive Group). It demonstrates the significance of changes over the past five years in transport responsibilities and governance in the UK’s major city regions. Chair Jon Lamonte…


West Midlands’ smart success

20 June 2016 | By Chris Lane, Swift Commercial Specialist

Many public transport users in the West Midlands are now travelling smarter with a range of ticketing options thanks to Centro’s ‘Swift’ Card. As Swift Commercial Specialist, Chris Lane, explains, passengers no longer have to delve into their pockets to find the exact change to travel and in giving passengers…


Modeshift – the sustainable travel network

20 June 2016 | By Ross Butcher – Chair of Modeshift

If you got a chance to read his ‘online-author-preview’ in April 2016 , Ross Butcher – Chair of Modeshift – introduced the organisation and the work they are doing to improve sustainable travel delivery in the UK. He also covered the importance of sustainable travel and challenged readers to think…


West Metro – Finland’s biggest infrastructure project

20 June 2016 | By Ville Lehmuskoski, CEO of Helsinki City Transport and Matti Kokkinen, CEO of Länsimetro Oy

The West Metro project is the biggest infrastructure project in Finland, extending Helsinki’s metro network to the city of Espoo. In the project’s first phase, eight new stations will be constructed with a further five built during the second phase. The metro will operate on 21km of underground lines in…


Cyber security in intelligent public transport: challenges and solutions

20 June 2016 | By Cédric Lévy-Bencheton and Eleni Darra from the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA)

For Intelligent Transport, Cédric Lévy-Bencheton and Eleni Darra from the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) underline the importance of cyber security for transport operators by presenting the consequences of cyber threats on a transport system, as well as the current challenges linked to the implementation of…


Urban public transport developments in MENA

20 June 2016 | By Amr Ramadan, Senior Research and Partnership Officer, UITP MENA Centre for Transport Excellence

Despite political and financial instability, in an effort to combat endemic congestion and environmental challenges, cities across the Middle East and North Africa are still pushing forward with mass public transport projects including BRT, metro, light-rail and cable car transport. Most cities have laid out urban mobility plans to make…


Bus Fire Safety: Safer battery systems in electric buses

20 June 2016 | By Fredrik Larsson, Johan Anderson, Petra Andersson and Bengt-Erik Mellander

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries offer great energy and power densities accompanied with long battery life time. However, if a mechanical fault occurs or the batteries over-heat, the flammable electrolyte of the Li-ion battery may pose a risk. For Intelligent Transport, colleagues from the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden (SP) and…